BOZON LLC is a production and distribution company successfully operating in the Russian market since 2008. The Company has three key focuses:

  • Development, production, and sale of high-quality disinfectants and antiseptic products that are the most effective antimicrobial agents and have many applications, as well as hygiene products and hand and skin care products. In-house production and sale of combined packaging materials for sterilization under the PICK-PACK brand and special Chevron brushes designed for mechanical cleaning of endoscopes and other hollow instruments before subsequent sterilization.
  • BOZON is an official distributor of leading global manufacturers such as Bissinger, Espiner, and many others, and directly supplies high-tech equipment for surgery, ranging from minimally invasive surgery instruments and devices for evacuation of organs and tissues to equipment and devices for cleaning and disinfection, to the Russian market.
  • Promoting and spreading the unique technology of bio-decontamination with hydrogen peroxide vapor according to the international GMP standard developed by Bioquell as the fastest, most efficient, and safe technology compared to other alternative decontamination methods with proven positive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, in Russia.

All the products and materials developed by BOZON in house are produced in Russia pursuant to the modern global and Russian quality standards and fully meet the most stringent environmental standards and, if used correctly, are safe for nature and humans. We also pay special attention to the selection of equipment supplied to the Russian market and offer the highest-quality, proven, and reliable products only. All the products produced and sold by BOZON are subject to mandatory registration with the competent state authorities and the procedure for voluntary quality certification.

Our Advantages:

  • In-house scientific laboratory and modern full-cycle production
  • Strong partnerships with medical device manufacturers
  • Regional representative offices and official dealers throughout Russia
  • Highly qualified experts with experience in the medical field
  • Individual approach to each client, information and service support

Over the course of its operation, BOZON has gained the reputation of a responsible and reliable manufacturer and supplier — our clients are state medical and preventive treatment institutions of various specializations, pharmaceutical companies, medical laboratories, private clinics and dental practitioners, plastic surgery centers, beauty salons, and facial rooms.

Currently, our researchers are developing new and improving existing disinfectant recipes to enhance their performance properties and characteristics in partnership with representatives of the leading Russian research institutes and laboratories based on the demand trend and technology development analysis. At the same time, though we have accumulated sufficient expertise, we are not going to stop at what has been achieved and strive to develop new markets.

Alternative production of Chevron brushes for cleaning instruments launched

We assessed the importance of the instrument cleaning in medical institutions and started the production of special brushes designed for mechanical cleaning of endoscopes and other hollow instruments before the subsequent sterilization.

New innovative products appeared in the Company catalogue

Introduction of modern safe technology for the extraction of organs and tissues with minimally invasive access using special devices and bags made of unique super strong material.

Surgery product line under development

The Company launched a surgery product line as a result of regular work with surgeons aimed to extend the service life of instruments and reduce the toxic properties of products. It started with the supply of high-tech monopolar and bipolar instruments for minimally invasive access.

New types of antiseptic agents under development

We started developing new antiseptic agents and detergents for surgical instruments in collaboration with practicing surgeons and medical professionals.

Technology of hydrogen peroxide vapor bio-decontamination introduced

We accumulated a lot of experience in the development of disinfectants, so we took it a step further and began to study the new technology of bio-decontamination with hydrogen peroxide vapor, focusing on its use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Production of the PICK-PACK sterilization packaging started

We estimated the rapidly growing demand for such products in the domestic market and launched the first Russian modern production of combined packaging materials for sterilization.

Production of disinfectants started

A unique product called Trilox has been developed. It contains an innovative composition of three active ingredients: polyhexamethylene guanidine, benzalkonium chloride (QAS), tertiary amine.

A team of like-minded people built, a company established

BOZON was established for the purposes of developing a modern Russian facility manufacturing high-quality disinfectants and antiseptic products.